Movie News: Denzel Washington to Play Green Lantern in MAN OF STEEL Sequel?

Written by Andrew Pollard Sunday, 29 December 2013

Movie News

With Joaquin Phoenix apparently the current front-runner for the MAN OF STEEL sequel’s Lex Luthor, it was only a few months ago that there were rumblings of Warner Brothers looking to cast a black actor in that particular role. At that point in time, Denzel Washington was one of the names said to be under consideration. Now, according to a report coming from Nuke The Fridge, Denzel was actually having talks to play Green Lantern; talks that have been ongoing since.

It’s claimed that Washington would play the John Stewart version of Green Lantern, likely appearing in Zack Snyder’s upcoming MAN OF STEEL sequel and then in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie further down the line.

It goes without saying, but treat all of this purely as rumour for now. Washington is an absolutely stunning actor and the dude looks great, but would the WB really cast a 59-year-old as one of their leading superheroes? Consider us Starburst folks slightly sceptical on this one.

Currently set for a 17th July, 2015 release, Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL sequel is confirmed to feature Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, with various rumours claiming that we could see an appearance from a whole host of DC characters, such as Dick Grayson, The Flash, Green Arrow, Doomsday, Supergirl, and Green Lantern.

Expect more on this as it becomes available, but, for now at least, take the ‘Denzel for GL’ story with a huge pinch of salt.

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