Movie News: Release Date and Name Change for Next AMITYVILLE

Written by Andrew Pollard Saturday, 28 December 2013

Movie News

Think back to a few months ago, when the news broke that we were to see a ‘found footage’ retelling of the Amityville tale. Just when you thought all had gone quiet on that project, initially titled THE AMITYVILLE HORROR: THE LOST TAPES, Dimension Films have announced a release date and also a name change for the latest in a long line of Amityville outings.

Now titled simply AMITYVILLE, the film will be released on 2nd January, 2015. Written and directed by Casey La Scala and Daniel Farrands, the found footage approach is still the route that this latest instalment will take. The events of the famous house have already been covered in various movies, TV specials, reboots and sequels.

This time out, the story will focus on a young female TV news intern who has made it her mission to find out the truth about the whole ‘Amityville’ phenomena. Leading an investigation into the legendary happenings, things, obviously, take a turn for the sinister.

Expect more on this as it becomes available.

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