Movie News: Are Disney Planning to Reboot INDIANA JONES?

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 13 December 2013

Movie News

The way Indy feels about snakes is comparable to our feelings about beloved priorities being rebooted. And so it's with a cold shiver down our spine that we bring you this news... 

Talking about the recent announcement that Disney had acquired the rights to make and distribute future Indiana Jones movies, studio chairman Alan Horn warned that we're still “two to three years” away from seeing the fedora dusted off again (which makes sense), before dropping this bombshell (which doesn’t!):

“There will surely be new Indiana Jones movies in the future, be they sequels or reboots, and when they do come to fruition, Lucasfilm will be producing.”

So there we go. Confirmation that a do-over has at least been talked about. Let it be said that we're aware many people reading this despised CRYSTAL SKULL, but surely its detractors (who I don't count myself amongst) would rather see the franchise continue canonically and improve rather than see it rebooted with Ryan Gosling or someone.

In truth, we don’t think there’s anything to worry about just yet, with Harrison Ford using every opportunity to express his desire to crack the whip once more. But once he hangs the hat up for good, be afraid. Be very afraid…

We'll have more news on the future of Indy as it drops.

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+1 #1 Jack Bottomley 2013-12-13 23:34
Any potential pitch of this in a board room should go something like this (clears throat):

"so guys when are we rebooting Indiana Jones"


"But we need..."

"moving on"

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