Movie News: Stan Lee Working on Super-Secret, Brand-New, Film Project

Written by Zachary Fox Thursday, 28 November 2013

Movie News


Stan Lee, aka the comic book Godfather, aka the master o’ cameos, hasn’t and probably will never ever die. To prove his point, despite celebrating his bicentennial next month, he’s now working on a brand new creation for a feature film.

Proving, if any more proof be needed, that Stan Lee lives vicariously through his creations. Every time they get rebooted, he de-ages 10 years.

Anyhow, Lee is partnering up with Avi Arad, the former chieftain of Marvel Studios and the current producer of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and its billion sequels, to create a big-screen project starring Lee’s new creation.

Annddddd… that’s almost literally everything we know. With the project still in its very early stages producers will be meeting soon to start putting together a screenplay. When asked about a title, Arad helpfully said: ‘Some titles give away too much.’

As a touching closing sentiment however, Arad said of Lee: "At the ripe old age of 90, he can still put together magic. He’s as sharp as a Japanese cooking knife. His mind is as young as it used to be."

Lovely stuff.

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