Movie News: Second DAY OF THE DEAD Remake Has its Director

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Movie News

If you didn’t catch the news earlier this year you’re probably a little baffled by that headline. Surely that’s a typo, right? Second?! We can’t already be remaking remakes – that would be ludicrous!

Welcome to Hollywood.

Yes, despite that fact that 2008’s remake of the George Romero classic stank worse than a Walker rotting under the sweltering Georgia sun, Millennium Films are having another crack at it. And yes, that’s the same Millennium Films that brought us the insipid TEXAS CHAINSAW back in January. It’s enough to make you weep isn’t it.

The latest update details just who’s ballsy/desperate enough to risk the wrath of horror fans everywhere by daring to tackle such a beloved property. (Again.) Step forward Mark Tonderai, fresh from his gig on last year’s remake of THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET! Excited yet? No, us neither.

Though the last DAY OF THE DEAD bore very little resemblance to the 1985 original, this version will reportedly steer a little closer to its plot and tone, telling the tale of a group of scientists trying to find a cure in the aftermath of a devastating zombie epidemic.

With THE WALKING DEAD continuing to smash ratings (and deservedly so, it’s really upped its game this season) and WORLD WAR Z proving that the undead can still deliver big box office too, it’s no wonder producers continue to churn this shit out. We just wish they’d use their brrrrraaaaaaaainnns and come up with something new. Sorry.

More news on DAY OF THE DEAD 3.0 as we get it…

Source: Deadline

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