Movie News: J.J. Abrams Poses with R2-D2 in this New Image Released from the EPISODE VII Workshop

Written by Jack Bottomley Friday, 15 November 2013

Movie News

Now that the galaxy is not so far, far away, with a December 18th 2015 release confirmed, Star Wars Episode VII awaits going into full production early next year. However director J.J. Abrams and the crew are not waiting around, as this newly released image shows. Released via Bad Robot on Twitter, this image shows Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy posing with Star Wars icon R2-D2 (couldn’t one of them at least have struck the Leia hologram pose?).

This behind-the-scenes picture does not exactly confirm the iconic droid character’s appearance (as his image is a symbol of the movies regardless) but the chances are high considering R2-D2’s status in the franchise. Unless the new sequels choose not to serve his kind that is. No doubt the images will be coming in at the rate of an AT-ST Walker’s cannon in the next months and this is a fun start to the wave of Star Wars news and rumours yet to arrive. As a side note Abrams looks quite happy here, so perhaps R2-D2 has not been throwing out that “mindless philosopher” line again, maybe the little fella has calmed down over the years.

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