Movie News: Open Auditions in the UK for STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

Written by Jack Bottomley Wednesday, 06 November 2013

Movie News

It is almost enough to give you a lack of faith but yet again here is another unconfirmed piece of Episode VII news. Over at Twitter Disney has released this casting call (see below) and stated “Not long until we start auditions for new Disney movie - Please retweet and get the word out, We're so excited!” Now this obviously is no solid confirmation as Disney own quite a few things nowadays, let's be honest sooner or later Disney will probably own us all. Yet BBC News is running with the fact that this is a casting call for J.J. Abrams’ anticipated continuation of the Star Wars saga. After Steamboat Willie traded his boat for the millennium falcon last year, every vague piece of info that leaves the House of Mouse is now undoubtedly linked to Star Wars.

Rumours and gossip has surrounded the film, like a circle of Droidekas, and unless you've been in carbonite the last few months, you’ll have heard some of those rumours. Still, looking at the information given (which admittedly is vague), the character descriptions of "Rachel" and "Thomas" certainly could fit. Actors like Saoirse Ronan, Alex Pettyfer and recently Chiwetel Ejiofor, have been rumoured for a part in the film. Although, this casting call makes more sense because as we know Star Wars has paved the way for new talent in the past (albeit some have never escaped their characters).

So the question is less do you fancy being a Jedi? (We’d prefer being bounty hunters personally) and more do you even think this call is for the next Star Wars film? Meditate on this, we will.

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