Movie News: Samuel L. Jackson Joins Horror Flick CELL

Written by Zachary Fox Tuesday, 05 November 2013

Movie News


In what’s proving to be an unsettlingly thematically dedicated follow-up to 2007 horror doodad 1408, Samuel L. Jackson has joined the cast of CELL.

It’s one of the few Stephen King stories to not yet grace the big-screen (not through want of trying however) but CELL is resolutely on its way to the world of the extant, with Jackson’s involvement the last step before the film goes prowling for a backer.

He joins John Cusack, who agreed to star over a year ago (guy loves his Stephen King) and producer Richard Saperstein, both of whom are 1408 alum, hence this article’s horrific opening gag.

CELL tells a story about murderous mobile phones.

Oh…you need to know more? Well, if you insist. I personally can’t think of any greater tagline to make me see a film.

Clay Riddell (played by Cusack) escapes from Boston after a mysterious phone signal called The Pulse turns mobile phone users across the world into murderous zombie beasts. Tom McCourt (Jackson’s character), a soldier-come-engineer, helps Riddell to flee the suddenly apocalyptic city.

If you simply can’t wait for more of Jackson’s trademarked brand of badass cool, you can catch him in oncoming OLDBOY remake (6 December) and the ROBOCOP reboot next February.

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