Movie News: Fifth INDIANA JONES Being Used to Secure Ford for STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

Written by Jack Bottomley Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Movie News

Say what you like about Harrison Ford but he is certainly passionate about Indiana Jones and the latest rumour suggests that Lucasfilm is using the character to bag his return as Han Solo. The source came via The Daily Superhero, who broke the rumour but highlighted what has held back a sequel; they stated: 

The Daily SuperHero was told that one of the biggest hurdles holding back another Indiana Jones film is the fact Paramount still holds the distribution rights for the franchise. Disney wants those rights back but Paramount is holding onto them tightly, as of right now. This could change or Disney could just work with Paramount, even though they don't like to work with other studios whom they do not own”.

At 71, many would perhaps move towards the notion that Ford is getting too old for this shi...well you know. Although we say if Danny Trejo (now 69) can lop heads off and swing on intestines in the Machete films, Ford can shoot historically appropriate baddies and swing across gaps in the ground.

The last installment in the Jones saga may have divided many but Ford still reeked of cool in the title role and the fantastical elements worked a treat (now let's hear no more about this “Indy 4 sucks” nonsense!).

If indeed Lucasfilm secures Ford for Star Wars Episode VII (entirely conceivable), fans on evidence of this story should well and truly raise those holy grails (the wisely chosen ones, that is) for a toast, as it could indeed mean that in addition to catching up with our old pal Han, we could be seeing Dr. Jones dust off the fedora once more too and that is worth celebrating. Of course we should wait for the official announcements but the fact that this is all plausible and constantly being discussed is an encouraging sign. As Ford said, in an interview on the Graham Norton Show (when asked whether he would do another Indiana Jones), “I don’t think there is any barrier to Indiana Jones being an old fart”. Truer words were never spoken, Harrison!

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0 #1 The HorrorFilm Guy 2013-11-03 21:49
Indy 4 was awful, awful, awful. A couple of scenes apart, the dreadful fridge scene, the attempt to pass the franchise to LeBouf, the wasted opportunity. I mean what was to like.

Unfortunately, if Lucas is involved, my money will still firmly in my pocket.

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