News: See Bane Terrorise Pittsburgh (sorry... Gotham) in TDKR Behind The Scenes Footage!

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 08 August 2011

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Gotta admit, as fans ourselves we feel a little dirty reporting on certain items - especially when it comes to spoiler-centric stuff - but these DARK KNIGHT RISES bits n' pieces just keep on coming, and who are we to deny the more curious amongst you?

This latest stuff comes courtesy of Pittsburgh-based lookiloos who somehow managed to smuggle cameras on (or near) the set. Perhaps Nolan and co want to think about beefing up their security. Maybe put them through the Venom programme themselves. Check 'em out, but consider yourself warned!

First up, here's some interesting video that takes place during the Bane vs. Bats brawl we featured last week...

The fight scene that kicks off at the 48 second mark looks incredible! Very much looking forward to seeing how that looks after Post. Here's the same scene from another angle...

Now this might be considerably less exciting to watch, but it does allow us to actually hear Tom Hardy as Bane for the very first time as he addresses (what will be) Gotham Stadium...

Yeah. Maybe we should have opened with this and saved the footage of the uber rumble to go out with. Like the costume reveals we've had recently, this is very disappointing. Is that how Bane's really going to sound? I've heard more terrifying panto villains. Again, we're well aware there's a long time to go and plenty of post production work to do, but we get the sense a lot of fans are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with some of Nolan's choices. Hopefully our next dose of official footage will set everybody's minds at rest.

Just as a bonus, here's a quick roundup of shots taken of the Heinz Field stadium setting, including multiple military decorated Tumblers! How curious...

So, what do you guys think? Based on what we've seen are you expecting Nolan to Rise to the occasion, or fall at the final hurdle? Let us know with your comments below!

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