Movie News: Does the Reappearance of REVENGE OF THE JEDI Teaser Suggest an EPISODE VII Reveal Soon?

Written by Jack Bottomley Thursday, 24 October 2013

Movie News

You should know that anything Star Wars based gets the Starburst cantina buzzing, so today’s trip back a long, long time ago to a movie far, far away was a welcome one. The people on the Star Wars YouTube Channel are re-issuing the original teaser trailers for the original trilogy. So here is the new (or old if we are being specific) trailer for 1983’s Revenge of the Jedi. No, this isn’t a Jedi mind trick, this is the teaser made with the film’s original title, before it was correctly decided that a Jedi doesn’t seek revenge but do return. Makes the decision for Episode III’s title logical.

To this day it’s amazing to see how Star Wars has always been constantly captivating sci-fi and Richard Marquand’s third film in Lucas’ original trilogy is no exception. So feast your eyes on an artefact as old as Krayt dragon bones on Tatoonie (okay not that old) and enjoy seeing what could have been (title-wise). As well as being pulled by a tractor beam of nostalgia back to the days of dramatic voiceovers asking you to go on an adventure with the characters. In addition to this trailer, we cannot avoid voicing the rumours currently circulating. Some are saying that these string of re-issued trailers are the lead up to a shortly landing teaser for Star Wars Episode VII, or perhaps a reveal of some kind.

There is also talk of a teaser for J.J. Abram’s next film in the saga, being attached to Thor: The Dark World. As well as a “big announcement" being made on October the 30th. Whilst these developments make for an exciting prospect, it is complete speculation at this point, though should it happen, you all know where to fly to find the droids your looking for (hint: right here).

Star Wars Episode VII is officially scheduled for a Spring/Summer 2015 release date and is said to be shooting early 2014. Be sure to follow Starburst for any further Star Wars news that may arrive.

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