Movie News: Tom Hardy Next To Play Bond, James Bond?

Written by Andrew Pollard Monday, 16 September 2013

Movie News

Right, get the Saxa out, for this requires at least a pinch of salt to be taken…

The Daily Star, they of ever-reputable tales, are reporting that Tom Hardy is currently being lined up to play James Bond after Daniel Craig leaves the franchise. Craig is signed on for two more outings, but he’s apparently got no interest in returning after said two. According to the British red-top, MGM have already reached out to Hardy.

The report claims, “Although Craig is signed up for the next two Bond films, the search for replacement is already on. Tom is right at the top of the wish list. He’s been approached to gauge his interest and he’s keen.”

Adding further fuel to the fire, Hardy talked about his love towards 007 back in March, saying, “I’d love to play Bond with Chris Nolan as a director or something. It would be awesome.”

Whilst Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan teaming up on anything is generally a winning formula, a Bond project for the pair could be absolutely phenomenal. With the more rugged, dragged-through-a-bush-by-his-arse-hairs Bond seen over recent years, Hardy would be a logical choice. As for whether it ever happens, that’s another story.

Expect to hear more on this if/when it becomes available.

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