Box Office Report (US): RIDDICK Kills the Competition

Written by Zachary Fox Wednesday, 11 September 2013

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On the quietest weekend of the year, RIDDICK comfortable came out on top which is funny because, y'know, he's a stealthy night-time murderer. Who doesn't love a bit of meta? 

With $19.03 million the sci-fi pseudo-sequel finished with more than double THE BUTLER's $8.4 million in 2nd place. It also picked up slightly more than PITCH BLACK when it launched in 2000 but finished well below THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. Though considering CHRONICLES also cost three times more, Vin 'Sweet Prince' Diesel can comfortably count RIDDICK as a modest victory. Which is kind of like getting an extra Chicken McNugget in your box.

September tends to be a very quiet time at the cinema (though this weekend was still 27% up on last year) with school getting back underway and the American Football (Hand-Egg) season kicking off, making it a good time of year for niche releases. And releases do not get more niche that a bald middle-aged man killing a bunch of alien scum to death. In the dark. With marketing very much based on the film's niche genre appeal and ol' Chrome Dome himself, RIDDICK gathered itself a well targeted 59% male audience with 37% also being hispanic. So there you go... marketing, ladies and gentlemen. RIDDICK will very likely burn out quickly however and finish around the $50 million mark.

Continuing to demonstrate the strength of the States' burgeoning hispanic market, Spanish family comedy INSTRUCTIONS NOT INLCUDED expanded nationwide to the tune of $8.15 million in 3rd place. That's 4% up on last week and has currently grossed $20.4 million. Not too shabby at all.

Jennifer Aniston helmed comedy WE'RE THE MILLERS is now an official summer hit and has surpassed previous August big-hitting laughfests TROPIC THUNDER, SUPERBAD and THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN. It eased off 40% this week making $7.7 million, putting its 5-week gross at $123.6 million.

Completing the Top 5 yet again this week is PLANES, which added $4.1 million for a $79.1 million gross. PLANES has proven to be a quality investment for Disney and one of those rare examples of genuine business sense. Whodathunkit.

Elsewhere, ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US imploded majestically, plummeting 74% for $4.05 million and putting it behind Bieber's NEVER SAY NEVER. We're expecting fan warfare to engulf the streets any day now.

Finally, as a little curio, Sony re-released summer apocalyptic comedy hit THIS IS THE END following James Franco's roast on Comedy Central this past week. The movie picked up an extra $1.9 million as a result, pushing its gross to $98.85 million and ensuring that it will break the magic $100 million mark next week. So everybody can be expecting a lovely bonus in the post any day now.

Domestic Top 10

1. Riddick

2. The Butler

3. Instructions Not Included

4. We're the Millers

5. Planes

6. One Direction: This is Us

7. Elysium

8. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

9. Blue Jasmine

10. The World's End

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