News: Star Wars; Tron; Andrew Garfield; Powers + More in THE WEEKEND ROUNDUP Part II

Written by Kris Heys Saturday, 30 July 2011

Movie News

* Can’t remember the last time I saw THE SIMPSONS (is anyone still watching?!), but I definitely have to check out their upcoming Halloween special after seeing this…

* And it was all going so well! The TV adaptation of Image Comics’ POWERS (now shooting, read our previous story here) has just added Vinnie Jones to the cast as a drug kingpin with telekinetic abilities. Whhhhyyyyy?!

* The G.I. JOE sequel now has on official release date and brand new title. G.I. JOE: RETALIATION (preferred COBRA STRIKES myself) will hit cinemas June 29th. Don’t risk it, book the day off now!

* Even though Ron Howard recently had his DARK TOWER adaptation canned, he’s still refusing to return to helm Dan Brown’s LOST SYMBOL. Will we be spared another insipid big-screen Robert Langdon adventure? Not a chance. Sony is currently searching for a director desperate enough to take the job. No rush, guys - take your time.

* Oooo! The original house featured in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR is up for sale! And it’s a steal at just $1.35 million! Any takers? Anyone…?

* Speaking of which, Disney are taking another stab at a big-screen adaptation of their HAUNTED MANSION. The difference this time? Ubiquitous genre filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro is producing - We are not returning Eddie Murphy’s calls, and we are not making it a comedy… We are making it scary and fun, but the scary will be scary. We want a scary movie that’s as scary as the ride. If you’re 11 years old, you can go on the ride but it’s still scary. Tonally we’re going to make a movie that is for families but is a fun and, at times, scary movie.” Question: do you plan on making it scary?

* Remember that TRON: UPRISING series we were talking about a while ago? Well Disney XD has just unveiled another teaser. Check it out, we’re loving the subtle blend of old and new school animation techniques…

* George Lucas this week lost his lawsuit against UK prop maker Andrew Ainsworth, who made the original Stormtrooper helmets for A NEW HOPE and now flogs ‘em to people with way too much money for £1,800 a pop. Erm… kinda think Lucas has a point here, especially as the exact same case in the US ruled in favour of Lucasfilm.

* Not that Uncle George is going to be out of pocket for too long, what with the gazillionth home video release of the STAR WARS Saga due September 12th. Here’s the trailer for the exclusive Blu-ray deleted scenes, (is that a Wompa chasing Artoo?!)… 

* At last! Kular Shaker frontman Crispian Mills has announced his directorial debut! A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING tells the tale of a children’s author come crime novelist whose research into serial killers has ruined his life, turning him into a paranoid mess. Some bloke called Simon Pegg plays the lead.

* Ok, so THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN continues to cause heated debates amongst the Starburst staff (is it a MIRROR’S EDGE rip-off or is it just a coinkidink?) but there’s no doubt that Garfield exudes class – especially in this Comic-Con vid (note the muted applause for Ari Arad near the end)…

* Aaaaaand finally! We still don’t know if this picture of Heath and Bale chillin’ on the set of THE DARK KNIGHT is real or not. But we sure want it to be. What say you guys?

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