News: First Trailer For George Lucas's RED TAILS Is Here!

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 29 July 2011

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As it’s outside Starburst's genre jurisdiction, we wouldn’t ordinarily cover a WWII drama about a group of African America pilots overcoming racial adversity to fight for their country, but when that film is George Lucas’s long-talked about pet project RED TAILS, we feel it’s our duty to let you all know about it irregardless.

Okay, so despite promising to do so, George didn’t end up helming it after all (was that a sigh of relief?!), passing on those duties to TV director Anthony Hemingway (BSG, TRUE BLOOD). But Lucas has nurtured the movie every step of the way, producing with long time collaborator Rick McCallum (STAR WARS Special Editions + prequel Saga), and it’s clear to see the director's influences up on screen, especially in those spectacular action sequences. It’s interesting to note how he’s actually come full circle with RED TAILS – the Death Star assault in A NEW HOPE's third act was heavily influenced on WWII footage of these very same aerial dog fights, and were even spliced into an early rough cut of the movie while Lucas waited for ILM to finish their FX work. Well I thought it was interesting anyway. Enough of my waffling, just check out trailer…

Looks good, doesn’t it!

So, with RED TAILS nearly complete, what will George do next? Would you like him to concentrate on more new material like this, or do you want him to crack on with that live-action STAR WARS TV show?

RED TAILS will hit cinemas in the US on January 20th, 2012. No release dates for other territories as of yet, but we don't anticipate too long of a wait.

Thoughts? share 'em with your fellow Starbursters in the Comments below!

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