Movie News: Finally, INTERSTELLAR Plot Details? + First Set Pics Hit!

Written by Kieron Moore Monday, 02 September 2013

Movie News

Chris Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR is gaining a reputation for its cast that keeps on growing – Matt Damon was added to the enormous list just last week – while its plot remains ever vague. The good news, Nolanites, is that it’s just become a little less so.

The INCEPTION and DARK KNIGHT director has been spotted filming on the streets of Canadian town Fort Macleod with stars Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, John Lithgow and Topher Grace. The town’s local papers, the Macleod Gazette and Lethbridge Herald, published these fascinating new location snaps:

The Gazette also seem to have somehow got their hands on the Holy Grail of INTERSTELLAR reporting – that’s right, actual plot details. Whereas we previously knew only that the film followed these guys as they explore space, we now have a motivation – the Earth has ran out of corn, and the wormhole-based exploration is part of a quest to replenish the planet’s stocks.

With the Macleod scene showing the characters fighting a dust storm, we can presume it’s standing in for either a barren, dystopian Earth or a mysterious planet which the explorers find. Either way, it looks like INTERSTELLAR will be one of those ‘this is what’ll happen if you don’t treat the planet right’ films – in the true tradition of how to describe any recent sci-fi film, it’s ‘Inception meets Silent Running’. Luckily, Nolan’s a talented enough storyteller to hopefully weave this political message in with an entertaining and complex story without becoming too preachy. This could well be to one to look out for…

INTERSTELLAR opens in cinemas November 2014. 

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