News: THE WALKING DEAD Webisodes + Videogame Announced

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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Up for a quick bit of WALKING DEAD damage control after today's troubling news? Cool.

First up, AMC have revealed that FX wizard Greg Nicotero is to direct a six-episode series of webisodes that will air along side the second season. John Esposito will pen the companion piece that will follow a hitherto unseen survivor of the apocalypse by the name of Hannah, who along with her children take refuge in the house of her ex-husband.

With the expection of NBC's excellent webisodes based on THE OFFICE, I've yet to see any worthy examples of the fledgling format, and that includes the efforts of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and LOST. There's always something off about them, even when they feature the show's stars and creative team - the pacing is usually iffy, the acting below par, and above all they're usually completely and utterly redundant. Let's hope THE WALKING DEAD can buck the trend.

Next up, here's the first shot from the upcoming videogame...

Like the webisodes [Stop using that word - Ed], the game will also focus on new characters - this time a survivor named Lee, a prisoner freed prematurely amidst a zombie attack, who befriends Clementine, a young girl separated from her family (read: they were eaten). The unlikely duo must work together to survive a perilous journey to the deep south. Why the deep south? Despite their name, Telltale remain surprisingly tight-lipped. In fact, the only other details we have thus far is that some of our favourite characters from the show/comic will make appearances in the narrative, albeit fleetingly.

No release date as of yet we're afraid, but here's the full version of that lovely poster art above to make up for it...

Thoughts? Share 'em with your fellow WALKING DEAD fans below!

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