Movie News: Obi-Wan Kenobi Rumoured for STAR WARS EPISODE VII and Standalone Feature

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 16 August 2013

Movie News

Is it just us, or did Ewan McGregor used to give you the impression that his STAR WARS experience had been a bit of a disappointment to him? He always seemed strangely dismissive of them on chat shows and the like; it was almost as if he'd gone 'full' method, and was also now channeling Guinness’s grouchiness towards the franchise. Well times have clearly changed, with every interviewer getting face-time with the star of late sneaking at least one STAR WARS EPISODE VII question into their chats, to which McGregor is always enthusiastic about a possible return. And return he might if the guys at Latino-Review are correct…

The site – which has a healthy hit-rate for genuine industry insider scoops – are reporting that not only is McGregor a lock to return as a Force Ghost, but there’s also rumblings of a Kenobi standalone movie in development. While this writer would be well up for both (especially as McGregor got increasingly comfortable in that role, nailing it in SITH), there’s one teensy problem… the last time we saw Kenobi it was as a Force Ghost in JEDI. And although Lucas saw fit to replace Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen on the recent home video releases, he left Kenobi as Guinness. Would this mean McGregor would have to play the part in old-bloke make-up to make him look like Guinness? Oh dear. Then again perhaps it won’t look so shit filtered through the shimmery blue of the Force plane. As for the Kenobi solo movie, it’s kind of a no brainer given the character’s continued popularity with THE CLONE WARS.

But alas, all of this (and The Emperor story earlier this week) is speculation until we get some official announcement from the Lucasfilm camp… which should be soon, surely? Things are a little too quiet of late for our liking. I have a bad feeling about this...

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