News: At Last! The BATTLESHIP Adaptation Has a Trailer!

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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Remember when you used to play Battleship as a kid? Remember thinking how exciting it would be to see that board game transformed into a huge, big-screen summer blockbuster! Exactly. We've had our little rants about this type of stuff before (read here) so we won't bore you with 'em all over again - let's just have a look at the very first trailer to emerge...

[UPDATE: Ok, there was a video here, but we got a slapped hand by the studio and had to remove it. Sorry guys. You can however watch it over at Yahoo! Movies - but come back and let us know what you thought.]

Yep. That's how Hollywood gets around the fact that Battleship the game had zero narrative. They added aliens. Genius.

Ok, I'll play fair - pointless adaptations aside, this does actually look really rather cool in an FX-spectacle kind of way. Colour me intrigued...

Find out whether BATTLESHIP 'is a hit', or it 'sinks' on the 18th May 2012.

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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+1 #2 Andrew David Potts 2011-07-28 02:20
What... the... fuck?
0 #1 Claudia Whitehouse 2011-07-27 18:49
vampire eric is in this movie! but yeah it looks completely ridiculous.

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