Movie News: James Gunn Wants to Direct HIT-MONKEY

Written by Kieron Moore Saturday, 10 August 2013

Movie News

James Gun Hit Monkey

We may still be a year off Marvel’s next superhero team-up GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, but its director James Gunn has expressed interest in another lesser-known comic book character – Hit-Monkey.

In an online Q&A with fans, Gunn was asked which other property he’d love to write or direct. He named three comic series – Grant Morrison’s “animal weapons” story We3, reformed supervillain team Thunderbolts, and Hit-Monkey.

He’s a monkey. And a hitman. Well, why wouldn’t you want to make that film?

The murderous macaque first appeared in his own mini-series and has since popped up in issues of Deadpool. He’s devoted his life to taking down other assassins, as revenge for the slaughter of his clan.

We think a simian-led revenge thriller is exactly what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is missing and absolutely support Gunn in getting this off the ground. Give the man a banana.

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0 #1 Dwankie Dave 2013-08-11 22:13
Full headline should read, "James Gunn Wants to Direct HIT-MONKEY. Andy Serkis thrilled at chance of new job"

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