Movie News: SHARKNADO 2 Gets a Title

Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 09 August 2013

Movie News

Causing havoc on social media networks - although sadly not with TV ratings - SHARKNADO garnered a fair old amount of publicity for the Syfy channel. As a result, a sequel was quickly green-lit. The catch? You the fan could suggest the title. After more than 5,000 suggestions (including Starburst Shauna’s SHARKNADO: DEUX DEUX - geddit?), EW reports that we now have an official title. The anticipation is killing us. 

And the winner is...


Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s hoping that the sequel enjoys enough success to bring us SHARKNADO: THE THIRD ONE.

No news is yet known on the plot, but expect sharks, tornadoes, actors that need to feed a coke habit, shoddy effects work and a storyline that’s even more ridiculous than its predecessor.

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