Box Office Report: 2 GUNS Shoots Down THE SMURFS 2

Written by Zachary Fox Tuesday, 06 August 2013

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Despite July 2013 now officially being the second highest grossing month of all time, its final weekend went out with something of a whimper. 

Launching into the top-spot was buddy-cop action flick 2 GUNS. Despite starring the ostensibly highly lucrative pairing of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg – two of the industry’s most popular and bankable stars – the film picked up just $27.3 million. It’s the 5th highest opening for Washington, but with a mediocre CinemaScore of B+ and equally average reviews, it’s almost certainly destined to fall short of $100 million.

THE WOLVERINE fell one spot to 2nd, picking up $21.7 million for a 59% reduction on last week. This puts it in line with CAPTAIN AMERICA, which had the same summer slot in 2011, and ahead of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE which fell 69% in its 2nd week. With a 10-day gross of $95 million, THE WOLVERINE is set for a healthy finish of $140 million.

The only other new release – THE SMURFS 2 – had a tough time of it in a summer choking with family-friendly animation flicks, opening into 3rd. With a weekend total of $18.2 million and a 5 day gross of $27.8 million, it’s fallen behind both its predecessor and every other family movie of the summer bar TURBO (this week crying itself to sleep in 7th with $6.4 million).

Whereas THE SMURFS had the quiet summer of 2011 and the quality of being novel, THE SMURFS 2 had neither. And after parents saw the first and realized what a torrid mess it was, it seems they didn’t wish to subject their children to such an experience again. Take heed, production people; it’s the parents with the money.

Falling two to 4th was the utterly remarkable THE CONJURING, falling just 39% to $13.7 million. THE CONJURING is now a bonafide horror phenomenon with it’s gross of $108.6 million and wouldn’t we like to see more of those?

Despite competition from THE SMURFS 2, it seems those minions are hardy beasties with DESPICABLE ME 2 closing out the Top 5 after easing a respectable 37% for $10.4 million. It’s now grossed a robust $326.7 million gross at the domestic box-office.

Domestic Top 10

1. 2 Guns

2. The Wolverine

3. The Smurfs 2

4. The Conjuring

5. Despicable Me 2

6. Grown Ups 2

7. Turbo

8. Red 2

9. The Heat

10. Pacific Rim

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0 #1 Elisabeth Neveux 2013-08-07 09:07
I just hate what they made to teh smurfs, its sucha great cartoon/comic book initially, and they ravaged it T_T

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