News: Proof LOST Knew Where It Was Headed All Along! Check Out This New Deleted Scene From Season 1!

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 25 July 2011

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Tired of all those LOST haters claiming Damon Lindelof & Cartlton Cuse were making it up as they went along? Well so are those guys. In an attempt to clear their names, the duo have unearthed this - a deleted scene from the 2004's first season finale that proves once and for all they had everything completely mapped out from the very beginning! Fascinating viewings...

Okay, so as usual this turned out to be Lindelof & Cuse just having a laugh, but you've got to admire their ability to poke fun at themselves. And at least we now know what those two have been 'fighting' about on Twitter all this week...

@CarltonCuse : Dreamt about Nikki and Paulo last night. They were saying to me, "No matter what, don't do it." What is that all about?

@DamonLindelof: You know what it's about.

@CarltonCuse: Dude. Do not start with that again.

@DamonLindelof: I'm not starting anything. I am trying to FINISH. "Dude."

@Carlton Cuse: Right. By putting it on twitter and making it public?

@DamonLindelof: Well look who's suddenly media shy. I put it on Twitter because the TRUTH MUST BE KNOWN.

@CarltonCuse: The show speaks for itself.

@DamonLindelof: That's exactly my point. And yet you won't LET it speak for itself.

@CarltonCuse: Once again: We don't need to prove anything to anybody.

@DamonLindelof: Great. Why don't you tell that to George RR Martin and I'll wait here.

@CarltonCuse: Seriously? You want to break open the vault because of... George RR Martin?

@DamonLindelof: Hell yes. And I would've opened that vault long ago if you WEREN'T STANDING IN MY WAY!!!!

@CarltonCuse: Showing it would be a big mistake. (And what, not enough characters for a megalomaniacal laugh?)

@DamonLindelof: We always knew and we can PROVE we always knew, yet you want to keep the smoking gun in the holster. WHY?

@CarltonCuse: Would showing the Marbled Rye clear up a lot of questions? Yes. Would it provide the closure you expect? No.

It's nice to see that neither creator has turned their back on the show in the year it's been off the air. The venomous backlash in regards to the final episode - especially from long-time fans - must have been tough to take. Can only hope that these guys get to work together on another project in the near future. 

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