Movie News: A Call to Arms for DREDD Fans! Want a Sequel? Then Sign the Drokking Petition!

Written by Christian Jones Thursday, 25 July 2013

Movie News

When fandom raises its collective voice it becomes a roar that can’t be ignored. STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES was granted a stay of execution, all thanks to its fans deluging NBC with letters demanding that they let the Enterprise continue with its mission to boldly go where no man had gone before. A fact recently noted by Karl Urban, star of last year’s critically well received but (for some inexplicable reason) audience-less DREDD.

Urban has stated that he hopes he can dispense justice once more in Mega City 1, and he urged fans to make some noise, to show the suits that there is an audience ready and waiting for more judgement, Dredd style. Well the fans have listened, mobilised and organised a 2000AD/Rebellion sanctioned online petition. And with Dredd having earned in excess of $75 million in Blu-ray/DVD sales perhaps this is one case file that should remain open for a while longer yet.

So Starburst readers, you need to tweet this page, “like” this page, spread the word, but most importantly… sign the petition! We have! The link’s below. And when that sequel hits the multiplexes know that you helped get it there. Now that’s something to tell the grandchildren.



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+1 #15 Spam Allot 2013-08-13 09:07
Quoting Doubting Thomas:
What planet did Dredd do $75 million business at retail? It sure as hell aint this one.

Last count I have is approx $35m from the UK and USA alone.
0 #14 Spam Allot 2013-08-13 09:06
Quoting Roy Blewitt:
significantly taking it into profit and over the 50 Million threshold originally claimed for there to be a sequel.

The $50m was from US box office *alone*. Dredd needs the backing of US distribution. Lionsgate were reluctant to take on Dredd in the first place which is why they insisted on a guarantee from DNA to cover losses. In order to get them willing to spend more dough they'd want $50m USA box office.
+2 #13 Ash 2013-08-12 21:16
Oh and petition signed of course!
+1 #12 Ash 2013-08-12 21:13
Great news that Dredd has sold so well on Blu-ray and DVD!

Fingers crossed for that sequel! :-)
+2 #11 Roy Blewitt 2013-08-12 12:30
Are they sure it is not Box office take plus blue ray take making it to 75 Million that would mean some 28 Million in Blue Ray, significantly taking it into profit and over the 50 Million threshold originally claimed for there to be a sequel.
-10 #10 Doubting Thomas 2013-08-12 10:56
What planet did Dredd do $75 million business at retail? It sure as hell aint this one.
+2 #9 Jordan 2013-08-12 09:41
I hope these figures are correct and ot just randomly plucked out of thin air for the sake of beefing up a spurious article. I can't see where teh figures come from.

Up until a few months ago, DVD and BR sales were about $13m in the USA and $7m in the UK - the two biggest markets for Dredd - so I can't see how it's done $55m in the rest of the world.
-9 #8 clr03f 2013-08-12 09:37
Oh shit.
+2 #7 FlemingVSKing 2013-08-12 09:35
Great news! Long live Dredd! I knew it would succeed. I knew it would succeed!
+8 #6 Sauchie 2013-08-12 09:32
Yes, yes and more YES!

Bring on the sequel!
+4 #5 micks here 2013-07-28 20:35
Im up for that although, I saw it twice with two different endings..
+9 #4 dax 2013-07-27 05:53
One of the most faithfully adaptated comic book movies. Although the movie could have done with a more futuristic look (budget constraints perhaps?). karl Urban nailed the role so well.
I am definately signing!!
-7 #3 Charles Quinn 2013-07-26 17:32
I joined the petition in the hope that they'll get it right next time. I can recall the dawn of the Dredd and for me Mega City 1 should be a dystopia in the classical sense - superficially harmonious and efficient but ethically indefensible under the surface. Unfortunately the Apocalypse War turned it into just another dysfunctional shithole and the strip lost a lot of its satirical edge after that. Plus I want to see murderous hotels, garbage magnates with Pharaoh fixations, crazes for ugliness - not just (yawn) drug deals
-12 #2 jock123 2013-07-26 17:02
I know the Stallone film didn’t get it all right, but it made MegaCity One look fantastic, and retained the cockeyed humour of the original (JD is as more to be laughed at than applauded, remember? We’re not supposed to admire his inflexible application of ludicrous laws, it’s a critique…).
“Dredd” on the other hand missed the point entirely: it put the blood and gore to the front as the attraction, not to make you think or laugh. They also completely mis-read Dredd as a justice machine: the nadir is the scene when he runs to save himself from the hail of bullets, letting innocent citizens die.
Real Judge Dredd would have saved the citizens, or ennumerated some infraction of the law which would through black comedy have the poor victim a perp deserviing of death (being in possession of a stolen bullet or two, albeit buried in their chest comes to mind).
So I definitely pass on a sequels, sorry…
-11 #1 gwen 2013-07-26 11:02
Dredd was a good film,no going to compare it to the Stallone film but it wasn't great film by any means as for a sequel? nah its dead Jim let it lie

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