News: Spiderman; Muppets; Star Wars; Heavy Metal; and More in THE WEEKEND ROUNDUP Part I

Written by Kris Heys Saturday, 23 July 2011

Movie News


Extra bits n' bobs from this week's genre news!

* Dimension have announced they’re developing a TV series based on David Cronenberg’s horror classic SCANNERS. Once promising genre director Alex Aja (high: SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE, low: MIRRORS) is on board as the show’s Executive Producer and will helm the pilot.

* Hmmm. This official poster for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN isn’t much of an improvement over the fan-made version that fooled everyone a few months back...

* Steven Spielberg says JURASSIC PARK 4 is definitely happening, but is still 2-3 years away. Still hoping he goes with that dinosaur super-soldier idea we told you about a few weeks back (check it out here if you haven’t already - mental!).

* “IT'S A TRAP!” Settle down, Ackbar - it’s just a clip featuring the first appearance of your fishy-self in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS' upcoming fourth season…

* SUCKER PUNCH’s Oscar Isaac has snagged a main role in the Tony Gilroy directed cash-grab, sorry, sequel to, THE BOURNE LEGACY. Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, and Edward Norton have all signed. Where’s Matt Damon, you say? Sorry, not in it. What’s that - who’s playing Jason Bourne, then? Not in it either. Pfft, whatever gave you that idea! The Bourne-less BOURNE LEGACY will start production soon for a 2012 release.

* In preparation for their upcoming big-screen comeback THE MUPPETS have been spoofing up a storm lately, following THE HANGOVER PART II and GREEN LANTERN with this awesome CAPTAIN AMERICA poster featuring Sam The Eagle (natch!)…

* They’ve been trying to get a live-action VOLTRON movie off the ground for years – can the new acquirers of the property 'Relativity Media' succeed where all others have failed and finally bring The Defender Of The Universe to the big-screen?

* Samuel mother-fuffin Jackson is collaborating with Gonzo Studios on a live-action adaptation of the anime-inspired AFRO SAMURAI. If you’ve seen either series you’ll know why this news is very exciting indeed! No word yet on whether Sam will actually star as the titular character himself, (he provided the voice in its animated incarnation), but at 64 it’s likely they’ll be looking for somebody a little younger. My vote – The RZA (who also provided the original’s soundtrack).

* Any fans of cult property HEAVY METAL? Cool, Robert Rodriguez wants a word with you…

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