News: Want To See Some Footage From the Failed WONDER WOMAN Pilot?

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 22 July 2011

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Up until now we've all been in the dark as to why NBC didn't pick up David E. Kelly's WONDER WOMAN series. All we've seen so far are those early promo pics, some shots from the set, and a useless 30-second teaser - none of which were enough to gage the quality or tone of the show. Just how bad could it possibly have been?

Well, now you can find out for yourselves by checking out these leaked clips!

Reckon I'm going to be in the minority here - but I'd actually watch that show. Sure, it looks a little goofy, but by the end of that action-centric first clip, I'd adjusted to the how odd the costume looked on-screen and actually thought the fight choreography was very impressive. Obviously the lasso FX need more work, but I don't think this was anywhere near complete. And I loved the surprisingly sassy dialogue from Diana Prince CEO. Is it realistic to the character? No. Does it look fun? Yes!

Let the flaming begin!

Is anybody with me on this? Or does everyone think it's flat-out rubbish? Share you thoughts in the Comments, or on Twitter!



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+1 #2 J.D. Gillam 2011-07-24 22:18
I have to say, the fights looked ok. Wirework was a bit obvious, but damn, WW threw an axe into someone. An AXE! When was the last time you saw a DC hero actually kill someone, even in self defence?
I'd have given it a go. Hell it can't have been as bad as Heroes after series 2 or the other crappy superhero series that have been greenlit over the last few years. Surely!?
0 #1 Gary Armstrong 2011-07-23 16:34
No flames from this corner at all. If it wasn't David Kelley show, I think it would have worked out well.

Or at the very least, made it to air.

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