Box Office Report: Jubilant June Breaks Records, Ends the World a Few Times

Written by Zachary Fox Thursday, 04 July 2013

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Box Office Report - June

May 2013 was a record-breaking May and, not wanting to be outdone, June 2013 has proven to be a record-breaking June.

Overall grosses for the month totaled $1.25 billion and while James Cameron can expect to find that down his couch on an average Tuesday, it’s stomped all over June 2009’s $1.09 billion.

With Superman returning to the big-screen, a new Pixar sequel, a few apocalypses and the tail-end returns of several big-hitters – IRON MAN 3, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and FAST & FURIOUS 6 – it was always set to be a big ’un. Still, maybe not quite this big.

MAN OF STEEL got it off to a merry start, setting a record-breaking (seeing a trend yet?) opening weekend and finishing the month with a domestic $248.6 million, putting it at number 1 and leaving 2006’s SUPERMAN RETURNS in the dust. Despite a steep second week downturn it’ll reach $400 million worldwide for the month.

In 2nd place stands MONSTERS UNIVERSITY and its $170.4 million 10 day haul, putting it behind only TOY STORY 3 in the Pixar pantheon of sure-fire hits. It’ll doubtlessly get bludgeoned by the ravenous minion hoard when DESPICABLE ME 2 launches Stateside, but $300 million is a reasonable domestic target.

And rounding off the podium, to the ire of doom-mongering journalists everywhere, stands WORLD WAR Z and its $123.7 million month gross.

A surprising gross – if the journalists are to be believed – but not as surprising as the quintessential ‘surprise of the summer’ NOW YOU SEE ME, which erupted out of the left-field to claim 4th place with $104.8 million.

Completing the Top 5 with $86.8 million for the month is FAST & FURIOUS 6, which made a series-high domestic total of $233.4 million.

Special mentions to THIS IS THE END ($74.7 million), THE PURGE ($62.8 million) and THE HEAT ($39.1 million in just three days) as well, who nabbed 6th, 7th and 8th respectively.

So we’re half through the year and there are a few observations we can make (try not to get too excited now):

  • Disney leads the way on the studio side of things. With IRON MAN 3 standing as the year’s highest earner married to OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, the studio is currently $887 million to the good and set to be the first over the billion dollar line come THE LONE RANGER’s release.
  • Despite a disappointing first half of the year, Warner Brothers (largely thanks to MAN OF STEEL’s success) sits in 2nd with $869 million while Universal’s fruitful 6 months has found it in 3rd with $742 million.
  • In fact, it’s been a largely successful (or at least not totally crushing) period for each of the 6 major studios…outside of Sony. Thanks to a sparse first-half schedule and the fantastic flopping of AFTER EARTH and WHITE HOUSE DOWN it’s landed just $376 million.

So there you have it: more numbers than you could ever hope to read in 500 words.

Till next time, stay classy out there.

June Top 10

  1. Man of Steel
  2. Monsters University
  3. World War Z
  4. Now You See Me
  5. Fast & Furious 6
  6. This is the End
  7. The Purge
  8. The Heat
  9. The Internship
  10. White House Down

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