Movie News: BIRDMAN - The Superhero Movie We Should All Be Getting Excited About!

Written by Stuart Mulrain Thursday, 04 July 2013

Movie News

There are no shortage of comic book movies coming out in the next few years (mostly from Marvel) that we can all be getting excited about. But there is one unlikely sounding superhero film we should all be getting more excited about, and that film is BIRDMAN!

Directed by 21 Grams helmer Alejandro González Iñárritu and tells the story of egotistical actor Riggan Thomson as he tries to mount a Broadway play in a bid to move out of the shadow of the iconic superhero role (the Birdman of the title) he once played.

There have been movies before that have tried to do a twist on the superhero genre (with varying success) with James Gunn’s Super probably the most well known. The master stroke of Birdman though is in its casting of one time - and still the best (in my opinion) - Batman; Michael Keaton as Riggan Thomson.

Keaton is joined by a stellar cast, including former comic book movie alumni Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk) and Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) as well as Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover), Naomi Watts (King Kong) and Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion).

Although there isn’t much information available on the film at the moment, some very promising on-set photos we’re released last month - of Keaton being followed along the street by somebody in an incredible looking Birdman costume – that will hopefully help to build up some buzz around this film that will see it get a release in the UK.

We’ll keep you posted on this film as news develops.

BIRDMAN has a 2014 US release date with a UK date TBC.

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+1 #1 Elisabeth Neveux 2013-07-04 19:55
the costume is just incredible!

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