News: Starbuck Joining STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS + A Look at the LEGO TV Special?!

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 21 July 2011

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Ok, so that Boba Fett movie we were talking about earlier this week (click here if you didn't catch it) might never happen, but if you're jonesing for a Mandalorian fix then you should really be watching the THE CLONE WARS - you can't move for 'em at the moment! And looks like the upcoming fourth season promises a lot more too - including the introduction BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's Katee Sackhoff as the first female Mandalorian to appear in the canon. Here's a sneak peek...

(Must... resist... making... Boba 'Fit' gag... too... late.)

While on the subject of animated STAR WARS, this little curio has just come to our attention. Seems there's an actual TV spin-off from the popular series of Lego videogames. Here's a look at the teaser which dropped at Comic Con today...

Not too sure about that one myself. Anybody else get a feeling Lucas is taking this whole self-deprecating thing a little too far? It was refreshing at first but after three FAMILY GUY specials, three ROBOT CHICKEN specials, plus that animated sitcom from RC's creators in the works, it's getting a little stale. Why not just go the whole hog and release THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL already.

The 30 minute LEGO STAR WARS Special airs Stateside tomorrow, and will no doubt hit everywhere else shortly after. THE CLONE WARS Season 4 debuts later this year.

Anybody been following THE CLONE WARS then? Am I wrong about the STAR WARS spoofs? Let us know with your comments below!

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