TV News: Hasbro Announce THE WALKING DEAD Monopoly and RISK

Written by Aisha Din Friday, 28 June 2013

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Do you like to build up a Monopoly or RISK it all? And what about if zombies are involved? Well coming this October you’ll be able to find out with THE WALKING DEAD Monopoly and RISK game. Hasbro Entertainment has teamed up with Skybound Entertainment to create a Monopoly and RISK game based on hit comic book series.

The Monopoly game has everything adapted - when passing GO one collects 200 rounds of ammo instead of money and when putting up real estate, you have to fortify it against the hordes! The money in Monopoly has also been replaced with supplies, Chance Cards are Scavenger Cards and Community Chest is Supply Chest. The tokens that players choose to go round with the board with, will tug on the heart strings as they include a Katana, Rick’s hat, an R.V., a telephone and lovely bucket of body parts! As for the properties everyone’s favourite sanctuaries are there include Woodbury, The Farmhouse, the Cell blocks and The Hilltop! You’ll real feel like you’re running for your life and trying to survive with this game, which includes stills from the comic books.

With the RISK version, it will star a map set in the Southeast Region of the United States where players will scavenge and survive!

You can pre-order these games from Entertainment Earth.

Happy Hunting!

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