Movie News: Bruce Campbell Confirmed To Appear In EVIL DEAD Remake

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Movie News

If you've not been following the emotional news roller-coaster that is the EVIL DEAD saga, read here to bring yourself up to speed. It's ok, we'll wait... Back? Cool. Anyhoo, you'll note our suggestion to the producers that they're missing a trick by not taking a 'companion piece' approach to the remake (ala the upcoming THE THING) thus allowing Campbell to reprise his role as Ash.

Well, we're chuffed to report that that's exactly what they could be planning. Not saying they got the idea from us, but y'know - called it!

The Spanish news site talked recently with first time feature director, and EVIL DEAD (2012) helmer, Federico Alvarez and he had quite a lot to say about the project. Let's have a little read...

"We realize the mistakes not to make. As fans of the original, we know we are going to offend those who are also fans just by taking this job. We're going to honor the original film along with the existing fans and hope to bring in a new audience as well. Because we are fans of the original, we realize that nobody wants to see a celebrity in a remake like this. The only recognizable face will be that of Bruce Campbell, and he will be in a cameo toward the end of the film. We are going to change the characters and some story details, while keeping the basic outline of friends who are beleaguered by demons in a cabin alone.

Sam Raimi says there's a fine line between horror and comedy. The original EVIL DEAD was intended as a straight horror movie with scenes of extreme gore directly designed to shock the viewer. I rented the movie with a friend from a video store at just thirteen years old, and that was a big mistake! The film scared the life out of us."

Great news. Sure, Alvarez only confirms a Campbell cameo - not Ash himself - but they'd be insane to waste the opportunity.

I'm starting to mellow on this flick now. Don't let us down, guys.

What say you guys? Are you okay with this approach? Or still think this project is a waste of time? Let us know with your comments below!

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+1 #1 Me, from before 2011-07-21 07:41
Acknowledging and the fans and respecting the audience? Hollywood, are you feeling alright?
Yeah, much more excited about this, now.

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