Movie News: Will TERMINATOR 5 Take Place in the ’40s? Will The Rock Have a Role?...

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 21 June 2013

Movie News

…Yes, and yes, (well, maybe) say the WWE Examiner - whose exclusive scoop based on insiders close to production company Annapurna Films - just might have passed everybody by would it not have been for AICN, who picked up on a story the wrestling watchdogs posted on June 7th! (Note to self: must bookmark WWE Examiner pronto.) The article claims that T5’s story will revolve around a Terminator – played by Dwayne Johnson – being sent back further in time to eliminate Sarah Connor’s eventual parents in the 1940s, only to have a kindly badass (Schwarzenegger) step in to save them, thus inspiring Skynet to model their T-1000 in his visage. Hmmm.

While I personally hope that this is true, our gut tells us that this is pure hokum. But how much fun would a TERMINATOR movie be in that time period! (Dwayne I’m less excited about, it must be said. Just can’t see him pulling the Terminator demeanour off somehow.) Ultimately though, this does go against what Arnold himself said recently, when he claimed he would indeed be reprising his T-100 role.

To read the whole article, head over to the WWE Examiner. And start crossing you fingers they know something the rest of the industry don’t!

TERMINATOR 5 will go before cameras early 2014 for a 2015 release.

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0 #1 Shauna 2013-06-21 07:19
Mannnn, this would be ace! Hope this happens!
Terminators in the past is a cool thing, there was a great episode of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles in which a Terminator travelled back too far and ended up in the 1920's, he ended up building a skyscraper and building himself into the wall then setting his internal alarm clock to go off at the right time ready to wake up and terminate some ass in the future!

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