Movie News: ARCHIE COMICS Coming to Life on the Big-Screen… to Battle the Undead?!

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 06 June 2013

Movie News

Another day, another comic book property is snapped up for the big-screen. But there’s a twist this time…

Ordinarily ARCHIE, the long-running comic about the innocent adventures of teenager Archie Andrews and his gang of Riverdale dwelling friends wouldn’t be Starburst material (although they did meet The Punisher once, so perhaps that’s our ‘in’), but in an unusual move guaranteed to ruffle the feathers of long-time fans, Warner Bros are planning to add ZOMBIES into the mix! Yeah. You read that right.

So instead of attempting a faithful adaptation of a property that has existed since 1941, the studio have instead zeroed in on an upcoming spin-off title entitled AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, a non-canon book that sees Riverdale besieged by the undead. It’s an entertaining premise as an Elseworlds type comic book curio, but to introduce the characters to mainstream moviegoers for the first time in such a manner will undoubtedly do long-term damage to the brand. If it hits big (and let’s face it, it’s got zombies in it so it will) what will future movies look like? Will they always have a horror element tagged on, or will they return to actually tell Archie-like stories? We highly doubt they’ll be much room for the usual teenage trials and tribulations readers have been enjoying for over seventy years when cinema audiences will be demanding more blood!

Like we said, it’s an unusual choice. But we’d be lying if we said we weren’t interested in seeing how it turned out.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa - writer of the aforementioned AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE and the upcoming CARRIE adaptation - will also pen the screenplay, with Jason Moore (PITCH PERFECT) on hand to direct and Roy Lee (THE WOMAN IN BLACK) and Dan Lin (SHERLOCK HOLMES) on production duties.

We’ll have more news as we get it…

Source: Deadline

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