Movie News: Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine to Join The Avengers

Written by Andrew Pollard Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Movie News

Recently promoting THE WOLVERINE, Hugh Jackman has been chatting to the guys over at Screen Rant. During the interview, Jackman revealed how he’d love Wolverine to join the Avengers team at some point. With the cinematic rights for the X-Men characters lying with 20th Century Fox, and the Avengers rights with Marvel, don’t be expecting to see a crossover any time soon, sadly.

Having fun with the idea, Jackman said, “One of the great things about this movie [THE WOLVERINE] is that a lot of people from Marvel are here and it seems a lot more inclusive than it has been in the past. I don’t know what’s happened behind the scenes, but I think it’s fantastic. I actually just asked the other day, I said, ‘I don’t know what the legal situation it, but why don’t these companies come together? Why isn’t it possible?’ Because personally, I would love to mix it up with Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man and kick his ass. It’d be great. There you go. There’s your quote. I think it’d be fantastic. I loved THE AVENGERS. I love what they do with it.”

Jackman then went on to discuss his relationship, and respect for, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige. He said, “Kevin Feige, by the way, I can tell you is one of the true gentlemen of this business. And I say that from when he was on X-MEN, and I don’t even know what his role was officially. Associate producer maybe? But, when I first auditioned for Bryan [Singer], Dougray [Scott] was playing the role. Bryan… I think I was sent there by the studio. I don’t think he even knew I was coming, and it was one of those auditions you walk out going, ‘Well, I know this isn’t happening.’ Instead of just putting me on a plane, I remember him taking me out. Him and Tom DeSanto took me out to a restaurant because I had to stay overnight. It was too late. They took me out for dinner. I remember thinking, ‘Well, I know I’m not in this movie, so you guys are true gentlemen.’ They were really nice. I know how busy they were. They were already filming at the time, and I know I really wasn’t doing it. I know what was going on behind the scenes. And within a week, all of a sudden the Dougray thing started to unravel. So then, I went back and did a real audition. But the first one, I don’t know what the first one was, maybe for the studio to see me more. I don’t know, or maybe they were anticipating what was coming. Who knows? But anyway, I just always remember Kevin, and I have such a soft spot for him, and I’m in touch with him and I don’t know how I got onto that. But anyway, I’m basically really happy and proud of what he’s achieved. I think he’s making great movies. People love them. And the consistency is incredible. So, who wouldn’t want to be involved with that?”

The story of THE WOLVERINE finds Logan in Japan, trying to deal with the loss of Jean Grey and questioning his own mortality. He ends up being pushed to both his physical and mental limits, not to mention having to go up against the Silver Samurai, as he deals with his pain.

THE WOLVERINE is released on 26th July.

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