Movie News: Impressive Early Buzz For WORLD WAR Z

Written by Andrew Pollard Thursday, 23 May 2013

Movie News

During production of the Brad Pitt-starring WORLD WAR Z, all thoughts were leaning towards the film being a stinker. Various script changes, re-shoots and delays led many to presume that the film was going to be a mess. Not so! Well, that’s the early world coming out following a surprise screening of the film last night.

With various celebrities and critics attending the showing, CBM has collected the initial reaction from the ‘ever reliable’ Twitter. It certainly seems that those early worries may be firmly put to bed. Find the reaction below:

Jimmy Fallon: Just saw World War Z. So much better than World War A-Y.

IGN: World War Z: a big, solid zombie movie. Makes up for in scope what it lacks in blood.

ScreenCrush: So after all that fuss, ‘World War Z’ turned out to be a surprisingly effective zombie thriller.

Kevin Bacon: Just got a chance to see World War Z. It’s so cool. I love Zombies!!!!!!!

Deborah Norville: Just saw World War Z. Kudos to Brad Pitt. Great movie and am NOT a zombie fan – totally enjoyed it and needed drink afterward!

LatinoReview: World War Z will probably be the most intense movie you will see this summer… I was shocked it was that good.

Charles Soule: Was World War Z exactly like the book? No, but I felt it captured much of the flavor, and man, does it have some intense sequences.

Simon PS: Great movie. World War Z breathes new life into zombies!

Katie Couric: With Morgan F at the World War Z screening. Love him and really liked the movie when my eyes weren’t covered!

Ivanka Trump: Saw World War Z tonight. Zombie movies definitely do not top of my list of preferred genres but it was awesome!

Kurt Andersen: Saw World War Z. Not at all the disaster it’s been made out to be. It’s entertaining and will do fine.

Emma Heming-Willis: World War Z is unreal. A great film. Was totally stressed out from start to finish.

Seems like the film’s set to actually be quite good after all.

WORLD WAR Z is released to the masses on 21st June.

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