News: Missing Episodes of STARBURST RADIO Discovered!

Written by Animal Johns Saturday, 16 July 2011

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Good news for all fans of Starburst Radio – the missing first three episodes of the show are BACK!

Long thought lost due to technical issues (read: those guys messed up big time), the episodes are now back in Starburst’s possession thanks to a generous long-time listener of the show who recorded them when they were originally broadcast (it did used to air in the Saturday 11pm-2am deathslot after all, so it’s not that weird). Adrian Howard, we thank you kindly! And to clarify, nobody thinks you’re strange.

Over the next week Starburst will be dusting off these old recordings and releasing them through the Starburst Radio Podcast iTunes page (have you subscribed yet?)

So why not just chuck ‘em all up now, you ask? Well, due to the quality of the recordings, we’re working on tweaking the audio to bring them back up to the usual fine standard (ahem). Also, it’s been a while so they’ll have to be checked to make sure there’s nothing too libelous.

The first ever show is now up for your listening pleasure (ahem) [Do you have a problem with your throat, Johns? – Ed] so go download now if you haven’t already. It’s their first show, so it might prove a little more “charmingly shambolic” than you’re used to, but there’s still plenty to enjoy – listen now for scholarly discussions about BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, the STAR WARS prequels, Jamie Lee Curtis’s penis, Superman’s super sperm + loads more genre related banter and awesome movie/tv tracks!

From The Archives, the lost Starburst Radio Podcasts - now with added “erms”, accidental swears and awkward pauses! Essential pod fodder.

Keep an eye on your iTunes podcast feed for shows 2 & 3, coming soon!

(Ok, so it might not be up there with the discovery of ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’, but hey ho.)

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