Movie News: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS a Box Office Disappointment?

Written by Christian Jones Thursday, 23 May 2013

Movie News

After 2009’s successful reboot, and this year’s stellar box office performance around the globe, you would assume that STAR TREK was finally on its way to shucking its shackles of geekdom. It appears that our American cousins think differently.

Paramount predicted that the opening weekend for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS would exceed $100 million. After five days on release it is still $16 million short having grossed $84 million. In fact STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has earned almost $5 million less ($70.2 million) than its 2009 predecessor ($75 million) for its opening weekend.

Box Office Mojo think they know why the film has apparently underperformed by saying, "A few theories have been thrown out regarding the underwhelming opening, including the lack of definition surrounding the villain and the lengthy time between sequels (four years is generally too long). It seems more likely, though, that it fell victim to the incredibly competitive May schedule."

Factor in that less females and younger males have purchased tickets than they did for the 2009 film, and you have another reason for the perceived poor performance. As Exhibitor Relations senior analyst Jeff Bock informed The Wrap, “It didn't grab the attention of young moviegoers, and you’re not going to get your movie over $100 million with just older folks. It's tough to figure, because with [J.J.] Abrams doing it, it's really not your father's Star Trek. But it needs to find that young audience in a hurry.”

With STAR TREK performing far better in previously ambivalent territories than its predecessor, Paramount remain optimistic. “In the big picture, we’re going to be fine,” Paramount’s head of distribution Don Harris told TheWrap, “especially when you factor in overseas.”

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