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The rumour mills can start powering down on TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D, for distributors Lionsgate have now helpfully issued a full Press Release which details not only the entire cast (including who will take over the role of Leatherface himself) but plot details too. Sure, some of the information we'd got already, but it's nice to have it confirmed anyway and it does contain a few surprises! Let's have a read:

"Lionsgate and the filmmakers of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D, the next installment in the long-standing franchise, are pleased to announce the cast of the film, which picks up the story where the original 1974 film left off and will deliver a new chapter in the Leatherface saga with the goal of making it as horrifying as the original -- in 3D.

The cast includes an all new actor in the iconic villain role of Leatherface, an exciting cast of principal actors, and featured cameos by several cast members of the original 1974 film, famously directed by Tobe Hooper.

GUNNAR HANSEN, the original Leatherface who has never acted in another Texas Chainsaw franchise film, is set to appear in a cameo along with MARILYN BURNS, the original film’s lead actress, playing the role of Verna Carson. Reprising his role as the Grandfather, JOHN DUGAN also makes his first series appearance since the original film.

Beloved character actor BILL MOSELEY, who played the role of Chop-Top in Tobe Hooper’s 1983 sequel, will play Drayton Sawyer in this film. Moseley will be standing in for Jim Siedow, who previously played the part before his passing in 2003. The two actors appeared together in the 1983 film and were quite comfortable together. Director Luessenhop explains how “Moseley is the perfect choice to capture some of the essence that Siedow had brought to the character.”

Playing Leatherface will be discovery DAN YEAGER. Director John Lussenhop knew he was perfect for the role immediately, after a chance meeting. He describes the 6’6” actor as having “huge farm boy arms, a brooding brow. He’s quiet, circumspect, and immediately struck a menacing chord with me. After five minutes I could no longer think of anyone else for the role.”

ALEXANDRA DADDARIO (PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF, HALL PASS) has been cast in the lead female role of Heather Miller. The story centers around Heather as she makes a trip to small-town Texas to collect her inheritance, unaware that her inheritance includes a live item – her cousin, the notorious serial killer Leatherface.

Rounding out the cast of friends visiting the inherited house are TANIA RAYMONDE (“Lost”), playing the role of Heather’s best friend Nikki, with acclaimed R&B singer TREY SONGZ making his film debut as Heather’s boyfriend, Ryan, and KERAM MALICKI-SANCHEZ (PUNISHER: WAR ZONE and JOHN Q) as Ryan’s friend. SHAUN SIPOS (“Melrose Place,” FINAL DESTINATION 2 and the upcoming HICK) plays Darryl in the film, a hitchhiker along for the ride who knows more than he lets on.

An all new cast of law enforcement and government professionals take on Leatherface in this chapter of the saga: THOM BARRY (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, “Cold Case,”) plays the role of Sheriff Hooper with PAUL RAE (TRUE GRIT) in the role of town mayor Burt Hartman. SCOTT EASTWOOD (FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, INVICTUS, GRAN TORINO) will portray Deputy Carl Hartman, a young officer who is battling a powerful attraction to Heather while hunting Leatherface. Noted character actor RICHARD RIEHLE (OFFICE SPACE) will play Sawyers family attorney Farnsworth."

Now that's out of the way, let's all hope they can do the brand legacy justice.

(Kind of makes our previous story a little redundant, but we do have pictures! Read it below...)



Genre favourite Gunnar Hansen - the first actor to ever portray the iconic cannibal Leatherface back in 1974 - is the latest to be cast in Lionsgate Entertainment's upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE relaunch*. Sadly however, Hansen is not reported to be donning the flesh mask this go around, and his character remains a mystery at the time of writing. (Though at 64 it’s gotta be tough swinging a chainsaw above your head while doing that trademark Leatherface wiggle, so he's probably best off). Leatherface or Man In Bar #3, Hansen must be chuffed either way - his last movie was the abysmal sounding REYKAJAVIK WHALE WATCHING MASSACRE back in '09. Nuff said really.

No longer called LEATHERFACE 3D (the legal issues regarding the use of the original title have now been sorted), the movie is gathering significant momentum with cast members seemingly added ever other day. In addition to Hansen, this week we’ve also had:

* Tania Raymonde, the 21 year old actress who most of us will remember from her LOST days playing Benjamin Linus’s ‘daughter’ Alex Rousseau (and there'll be a few who recall her role as the dorky Cynthia on MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE many moons ago). Raymonde will take a break from bumping uglies with Jeff Goldblum (59, justsayin) to star as Nikki, the best friend of lead character Heather (rumoured to be Leatherface's cousin?!), who we previously reported would be played by PERCY JACKSON & THE LIGHTNING THIEF's Alexandra Daddario.

Tania Raymond / Alexandra Daddario. Ewwww.

Son of Clint, Scott Eastwood, has signed on to play leading lad Carl, and is rumoured to have committed to a possible trilogy (should they get it right this time). VARSITY BLUES actress Sue Rock (nope, don't know her either) has also joined recently, though little is known about her character other than her name is Arlene. Technically she could just be playing a waitress for all we know, but hey.

Scott Eastwood / Sue Rock. Still drawing a blank.

All the above will join another horror veteran, actor Bill Mosely (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS), who we told you last month will swap the Sonny Bono wig of his TEXAS 2 character Chop-Top, for a vat of suspiciously tasty chilli in order to take over the role of head of the Sawyer family, Drayton (aka ‘The Cook’).

Shooting kicks off in Louisiana this week, with John Luessenhop (TAKEN) at the helm, directing from a screenplay by Stephen Susco (THE GRUDGE remake), Adam Marcus (JASON GOES TO HELL), actress Debra Sullivan (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS wait , what?!) and newcomer Kirsten Elms.

We’ll find out whether Lionsgate can banish the memory of those awful Platinum Dunes flicks to the darkest recesses of our collective memories in October 2012.

* It’s safer to call it a relaunch due to the fact we’re all still unsure whether this is a complete franchise reboot, or some kind of sequel to the first movie. Both have been reported in the past, but either way there’s going to be no acknowledgement of the (criminally underrated) TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2, or any of the subsequent sequels and the two aborted remakes.

Anybody actually looking forward to this? Liking the casting so far? Hey, has anyone seen REYKAJAVIK WHALE WATCHING MASSACRE btw? Is it as atrocious as I think it's gonna be? Let the world know with your comments below!

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