News: Writer Hired For New GODZILLA Remake

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 14 July 2011

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Legendary Pictures’ have been quietly beavering away on their GODZILLA reboot for a while now, but details have been in short supply. We all know that Gareth Edwards, director of the critically acclaimed MONSTERS had been hired to helm, but as for anything else – zip.

To be honest, not that much has changed really, other than the project has now finally bagged a screenwriter - but it’s somebody genre fans should be very happy with at least. And the honour of having to type out the word "Roar!" repeatedly goes to... David Goyer, a writer with some excellent credentials it must be said. Not only was he responsible for all three of the Nolan directed Batman flicks, he's also the chap Nolan and Zack Synder have enlisted to pen next year's Superman resurrection. The in-demand screenwriter has also brought us the popular BLADE trilogy, cult sci-fi favourite DARK CITY, and, erm, FLASHFORWARD (it had some fans, right? No? Oh.)

So, do we think the project is in safe hands? Edwards is a genuine talent, but he’s a strange choice for this project considering his meditative, low key approach to his debut MONSTERS (do you think the studio who hired him for this had even seen it, or did they just read that title?) Goyer, who knows. It entirely depends on Legendary’s vision for the movie. Whichever way they decide to take the story, they’re in for quite the challenge considering the post-CLOVERFIELD world we live in, and let’s not forget – have audiences even forgiven Roland Emmerich for burning them on GODZILLA back in 1998?

I think they should bring back Godzooky personally, not seen that little fella in a while.

Expect GODZILLA to rampage though our multiplexes sometime in 2013, where he'll face stiff competition from Guillermo Del Toro's rival monster movie PACIFIC RIM.

Do you guys even want another western take on GODZILLA? Are Edwards and Goyer good choices? Who’s with me on Godzooky then! Anybody? Share your comments below!


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