Movie News: Cameo and Post-Credits Scene Revealed for THE WOLVERINE?

Written by Andrew Pollard Wednesday, 08 May 2013

Movie News

With THE WOLVERINE only a few months away from release, details are making their way online about a possible post-credits scene and the appearance of familiar face. JoBlo is reporting details of the scene, but look away now if you don’t want to see any potential spoilers. Don’t say you weren’t warned…


And so the story goes, the Montreal filming location has seen a small re-shoot take place. Said scene will take place after the credits, showing Logan meeting up with an old friend. As our hero enters an airport he is greeted by none other than Professor Charles Xavier. With THE WOLVERINE confirmed as taking place after the events of X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, this scene seems as if it may be used as a tool to get things lined up for Bryan Singer’s X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Professor X died during the vents of THE LAST STAND, although the post-credits scene for that film hinted that he had been revived in the body of his brain-dead twin. Using this logic, Professor X would be able to walk; something that is confirmed in the report. It’s also been confirmed that the Professor X in question is Patrick Stewart’s version of the character. Logic dictates this would set things up for Singer’s next X-adventure.

Take the above with a pinch of salt for now, although it would certainly make perfect sense for the larger picture. Adding to this, Fox Creative Consultant Mark Millar has said numerous times that he would like the Fox films to all interlink from here on out, much akin to how the Disney/Marvel universe does.

Directed by James Mangold, THE WOLVERINE sees Logan in Japan, trying to come to terms with the loss of Jean Grey and questioning his own mortality. Pushed to both his physical and mental limits, Logan then has to come up against his greatest foe to date; the Silver Samurai.

THE WOLVERINE is released on 26th July.

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