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Written by Animal Johns Tuesday, 12 July 2011

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Thanks to the folks behind REPORT 51 for bringing this movie to our attention. We weren't too sure if there was anywhere left to go in the found footage horror sub genre - we've been inundated with it since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT revived it back in '99 - but looks like REPORT 51 might prove otherwise. Freaky stuff! Check it out...

"Anticipated by a viral campaign which has already caught on with web users, Report 51 strives to add a brand new dimension to the found-footage subgenre. Shot in both Italy and Belgium, the film melts the documentary style of The Blair Witch Project and the extraordinary events of Paranormal Activity approaching new frontiers, because Report 51 definitely goes a few steps further into the realm of Science-Fiction Thriller. The result is definitely a strange and gripping mix, shaped by unconventional filmic language.

The found footage is what four unaware American students experience after a strange and nonetheless unintentional sighting. They decide to organize a week-end in the woods to research what is going on and the video-documentary is the faithful recording of a happy jaunt among friends which soon turns into a terrific nightmare and in a struggle for life. These four friends quickly forget their jealousies and the juvenile flirts to escape from an impending, extraterrestrial, threat.

Report 51 stars Michela Bruni, Luca Guastini, Viola Graziosi, Damiano Martina and Ann Pierssens, the movie is currently in post production. The director, Alessio Liguori, has co-written the script and co-produced the film with cinematographer Giuliano Tomassacci."

No release dates for this one yet, so keep your eyes on their official website for more details, and while you're there take a look at the grass roots viral campaign that they've quite masterfully created for the movie.

Thoughts? Drop 'em in the comments below!


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