Movie News: Early Reviews of IRON MAN 3 Sing its Praises

Written by Andrew Pollard Thursday, 18 April 2013

Movie News

With Disney recently holding an advanced press screening of IRON MAN 3, early thoughts on the film are surfacing online. Whilst full reviews are aren't allowed to be published until April 23rd, Uncle Walt’s company have allowed critics to voice their opinions via the restricted characters medium of Twitter.

CBM have compiled a selection of the reviews, which generally seem to point towards the upcoming release being a belter of a film [It is! - Ed]...

* Matt Risley: I loved it. Surprising, action-packed and with bags of energy. Great fun.

* Alex Mullane: Iron Man 3 is AWESOME. Completely erases the memory of it’s dull, muddled predecessor. Marvel Phase 2 is off to a hell of a start.

* Jamie Graham: Iron Man 3 is very entertaining, pleasing, unpredictable. It’s smart, funny, substantial and action-packed. GREAT villain.

* Screen One: Iron Man 3. Best of the series. Fantastic start to finish. Plus Sir Ben Kingsley absolutely nails it.

* Sarah Rappaport: Iron Man 3 was great. Funny, clever and full of real surprises.

* Simon Thompson: Iron Man 3 is good fun. Equal measures humor, heart, action and brain. A good time movie that totally delivers.

* Becky Reed: I thought The Avengers set the bar impossibly high. Nope. Iron Man 3 is thrilling, moving, funny and hugely satisfying, with AWESOME action.

* Sam Ashurst: I’m still a bit in shock about how good Iron Man 3 is.

Read more of these Tweet reviews here.

Whilst the worldwide release of IRON MAN 3 is 3rd May, we’ll be getting the film a little earlier here in the UK. In fact, a week today, 25th April, will see Tony Stark’s third solo outing available to UK audiences. Check back here on the 23rd for Starburst's review.

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