Movie News: Olivia Munn and Edgar Ramirez Board Scott Derrickson's BEWARE THE NIGHT

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Movie News

Back in November we heard that former Eric Bana was in negotiations to take the lead in BEWARE THE NIGHT, a new supernatural cop movie from SINISTER’s Scott Derrickson. With everything so quite since, it seemed as if Derrickson had again put that script aside to concentrate on something else, especially as he went on to book the gig of adapting videogame DEUS EX later that very month. Not so, it seems, as Eric Bana has now been confirmed to star, as have Olivia Munn (NEWSROOM) and DOMINO's Edgar Ramirez (he's the one on the right, covered in shit for some reason). To give you the lowdown on the concept behind BEWARE THE NIGHT, here’s what Derrickson himself had to say about it when we caught up with him in Starburst #387… 

"It’s based on a real guy, Ralph Sarchie (Bana), who I’ve gotten to know and have spent time with. He’s a tough, foul-mouthed Italian police sergeant who works in the 46th district in South Bronx – what the FBI calls the most dangerous square mile in America, a real shit hole. Through a series of events he ended up going from being a totally non-religious lapsed Catholic to being the guy who goes to investigate possible paranormal activity in people’s homes and cases of possession, and he spent many years of his life as an assistant during the practices of exorcism authorised by the Church of New York. When Jerry Bruckheimer hired me to work on the script he said, 'I wanna make Serpico meets The Exorcist!' And I thought, ‘well that’s just the coolest sounding thing I’ve ever heard’."

Sold! We’ll have more news on BEWARE THE NIGHT as it develops…

To hear our interview with Scott Derrickson, check out episode 15 of our dedicated horror podcast FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS, or, even better, subscribe to it on iTunes. It's awesome.

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