Movie News: Will Arnett Boards Bay's NINJA TURTLES

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Movie News

Following on from the news that his ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT co-star Judy Greer has landed one of the lead (monkey) roles in DAWN OF THE PLANET OF APES, comes the news that Will Arnett (aka the show's bumbling illusionist Job Bluth) will be risking a lifetime of TMNT-fanboy venom being spat his way by participating in the Michael Bay produced NINJA TURTLES reboot.

It's yet to be revealed who Arnett will be playing, but since all four of the heroes in a halfshell are now signed (these guys), and April O'Neil's already taken (Megan Fox), that doesn't leave many options: Casey Jones? Unlikely. Splinter? With the way they're utilising mo-cap on this production, it's a possibility. Shredder? He's certainly got the villainous voice down pat, but physically, no. Krang? Actually, we typed that as a joke, but thinking about it, they are shaking the canon up with a tweaked alien origin (hence the venom we mentioned earlier), so an appearance by the gang's evil Hubba-Bubba lookin' nemesis might not be out of the question. Expect plenty more on these developments soon... 

NINJA TURTLES hits cinemas June 2014.

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