Movie News: LORD OF THE RINGS 2 Confirmed [Updated]

Written by William Reuben Monday, 01 April 2013

Movie News

As details of LORD OF THE RINGS 2 continue to emerge, we now bring you the official synopsis...

Official Synopsis:

In the aftermath of THE LORD OF THE RINGS it soon becomes apparent that Lord Sauron was not vanquished. Using all of the arcane magic at his disposal, Sauron opened a rift that allowed him to escape to a world that we are all too familiar with. Feeling responsible, Gandalf returns and, with the help of Aragorn, assembles a band of warriors tasked with ending the menace of the Dark Lord forever. As 21st century Earth begins to fall, can Gandalf and the New Fellowship come to terms with this nightmarish new culture as the fate of 2 worlds hangs in the balance?


If you thought 2013 could not top the shock announcement of the continuation of STAR WARS in the cinema- think again! LORD OF THE RINGS 2 has been green-lit and an announcement is imminent. It seems that the story is far from exhausted and the studio have planned another trilogy, the first of which is set for release on December 12th 2017. But here is the real shocker - it's set on 21st Century Earth.

We pass you over to industry insider, Stephen Omnark to get the skinny. "It was obvious that the Rings saga was unfinished, and it was felt by all concerned that a move to modern day Earth would open up a whole new set of stories for all of the characters. Tolkien created a rich set of characters, and with the success of mythical comic book properties such as Thor, it was only a matter of time before Middle-earth figured out how to pay America a visit. The fans have been listened to, and the Studio decided to give them the second trilogy that they have been waiting for with baited breath. This new trilogy will be a much more light hearted approach to the mythology built up in the previous LOTR and HOBBIT movies. With the first in the trilogy dealing with many comical elements of Gandalf and Co suddenly finding themselves in the land of the Big Mac and large fries".

The good news doesn't even stop there. Speculation is rife that a deal has been done with a certain studio to pave the way for cameos in AVENGERS 3. Perhaps the fans will finally get to see the Gandalf Vs Thanos faceoff that has been on the fanboy wish list forever?

LORD OF THE RINGS 2: SAURON RISING will hit cinemas on Dec 12th 2017.

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Haha, nice one!
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April fools joke.
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