Movie News: Zachary Levi Up For Kickstarting CHUCK Feature Film

Written by Stuart Mulrain Monday, 25 March 2013

Movie News

Since Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas had the VERONICA MARS movie green-lit following a successful fundraising endeavour on Kickstarter, pretty much every short lived cult TV show has had their name put forward by fans and press to get a similar drive going to get them a big screen outing.

Kickstarter campaigns are nothing new in the world of film, with a lot of first time and indie filmmakers using it to raise the budget for their films, but VERONICA MARS has brought it more to public attention and fans are starting to see it as a viable way to see their favourite shows get a new lease of life. Most notably Joss Whedon responded to the call for a FIREFLY campaign by saying that it wouldn’t be happening anytime soon (what with all the small indie projects he’s involved with for a small studio called Marvel), but he would never rule the idea out.

More positive was Zachary Levi’s response to a Kickstarter campaign to get a CHUCK movie off the ground. The one time Charles Carmichael told E News; "I've always thought doing a CHUCK movie would be fun, if we had just gone straight to monetizing it and selling it directly to the fans then, we might still actually be on the air."

He went on to say "There's a lot of conversations that need to happen. I'm going to sit down with Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak and just kind of gauge their temperature on it. See how much they'd want to be involved. Of course, I'd only want to do it with the blessing of them, they created the show, and the blessing of Warner Bros."

On the VERONICA MARS Kickstarter approach Levi said, "I've always had this passion for where content is going to come from in the future - and being able to essentially just make whatever you want and sell it directly to fans. I think what Kristen and Rob have done is awesome," he gushed. "I love that they care about their fans. I love that they are bringing their talents back to their fans and wanting to kind of complete the journey they never got to the first time around."

So what do you think? Would you like to see CHUCK on the big screen? Would it even have to be on the big screen, would a direct to DVD movie be enough? Will this whole Kickstarter being used for high profile projects fizzle out as fast as it caught fans imagination? Let us know in the comments below.

Personally, if they bring back Timothy Dalton for the film, they’ve got my money!

CHUCK: SEASONS 1-5 are available on DVD now. Zachary Levi will next be seen as Fandral in THOR: THE DARK WORLD.

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