News: Joss Whedon Invites You To Take A Trip To His CABIN IN THE WOODS [Updated] Release Date Announced!

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We'd hoped they'd stick with their reported Halloween release date for this, but seems Lionsgate have changed their minds and plumped for an April 13th 2012 debut for the much talked about horror movie. Bearing in mind how long we've already waited to see this thing, I guess another 5 months can't hurt. Unless they change there minds again of course...

Don't know what we're banging on about? Read our previous story on the CABIN IN THE WOODS saga below...



How cool would it be if Joss Whedon announced that he was writing a horror flick? How cool would it be if it was set to be directed by his fellow BUFFY/ANGEL writer/producer Drew Goddard?

Well, not only did he announce it, the pair completed it. All the way back in 2009...

To call CABIN IN THE WOODS long-awaited is an understatement. Lost due to the then distribution company's financial woes (the much publicised MGM meltdown) it has stayed on the shelves ever since. Until now...

Word is, Lionsgate Entertainment (who acquired the rights back in April) are finally set to release the film this coming Halloween. Huzzah!

It remains to be seen whether MGM actually finished their dreaded 3D post-conversion hatchet job on the flick (one of the reasons cited for delay), but let's be honest - who cares? Let's just see the film that was actually shot.

So who's in this flick anyways, and what's it all about?

You need more reasons to be excited? Okay then - the excellent Richard Jenkins (SIX FEET UNDER) heads up the cast, with WEST WING's Bradley Whitford and a pre-THOR, non-beardy Chris Hemsworth co-starring alongside more BUFFY/ANGEL veterans in the form of Amy Acker and Tom Lenk. Boom.

As for the plot - well, it's about... erm, a cabin. In some woods.

In all seriousness, Whedon and co had intended for the film to remain top secret, and for a movie that we've waited so long for, it would be a shame to ruin the surprise this late in the game. CABIN apparently test screened extremely well upon its completion, so there will undoubtedly be spoilers out there on the internets somewhere, but we're quite happy remaining in the dark as the creators intended. Suffice to say that the film claims to subvert the classic horror scenario and deliver something new entirely. Curious.

Here's the very first still from the movie courtesy of the Bloody Disgusting boys, followed by the awesomely subtle poster campaign (including the alternative versions issued solely to poke fun at the long delays). Enjoy!

Let's hope they do this time. Hell, we'd settle for a straight-to-DVD release at this point.

Are you one of the many who have been eagerly awaiting this film? Will we ever get to see it, or is it some cruel prank! Thoughts? Share 'em with your fellow Starbursters below!

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0 #3 sophiea iqbal 2011-07-10 18:10
So happy :)I love all things Whedon, and I am hoping this will be no exception. In Buffy her tried his hand at horror with "Hush," a master class i would say. He is so versatile and genius, and with the cast on board I expect great things.

I am so excited I could run upstairs, hide under a bed and leave all the doors unlock while I wait for this to be out. lol Ahh horror how I have missed your masked face. :)
+4 #2 jim 2011-07-08 14:12
+2 #1 Claudia Whitehouse 2011-07-07 10:41
come onnn guys you are killing us here.

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