Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 13 March 2013

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Lord knows how we’re going to write even a few sentences on this project, since details about SAGITTARIUS A are frustratingly thin on the ground, but Universal Pictures have ponied up for a new sci-fi movie pitch from Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Steven Karczynski. Now Karczynski isn’t somebody you’d necessarily know (unless you’re a huge fan of his 1999 movie BALLOON FARM… no, didn’t think so), but the other fellas you’ll be very aware of, having co-penned such movies as STAR TREK (2009), COWBOYS & ALIENS (2011), TRANSFORMERS (2007), and contributed to the likes of FRINGE, ALIAS and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. The pair continue to be highly sought after, and have multiple high-profile genre offerings due to hit over the next couple of years including reboots of THE MUMMY, VAN HELSING and SLEEPY HOLLOW, Tom Cruise vehicle ALL YOU NEED IS KILL and sequels THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. [Stop just listing stuff and tell us what the film’s about, for crying out loud!!! - Ed] Errrm, well that’s just it – when I said “frustratingly thin on the ground” earlier I should really have written “frustratingly nonexistent!”. Your guess as to what SAGITTARIUS A actually is is as good as ours. That said, this is something we should actually be celebrating – we all moan daily about the amount of remakes, re-imaginings and sequels heading our way, so the more secret projects such as this, INTERSTELLAR, TOMORROWLAND, TERRA INCOGNITA, and COLLIDER are put into development, the better! They might not be fun to read about (or write about), but we’ll all welcome them when they begin to hit cinemas.

Source: Deadline

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