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Movie News

To further whet our appetites for this month’s release of Cap’s big screen debut, we thought we’d throw you a few extra news bits n’ bobs your way. (In no way is this a response to the current news drought due to Hollywood shutting down for their July 4th celebrations. Not at all. No sir.)

Okie-dokie then. First up, let’s all enjoy our first listen of Alan Silvestri’s rousing score while we read…

* Paramount announced today that they will be changing the title in three countries. The movie will now simply be known as THE FIRST AVENGER in the Ukraine, Russia, and South Korea, dropping the hero's name completely. Rumours Paramount have resorted to digitally altering the red, white and blue in his costume are widely exaggerated. But we wouldn't put it past them if they thought that too would be potentially damaging to the country's box office take.

* Marvel Comics have released an official prequel to the movie. Here’s their synopsis for Captain America: First Vengeance in stores now: "As Captain America continues to get closer to uncovering the secret of the Hydra base, his past and the past of his friends continues to unfold. How did Doctor Erskine come to be fighting for the Allies? What's the story behind the Howling Commandoes? And how is the Stark family involved in the creation of the First Avenger? Find out all this and more, written by Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man, Incredible Hercules) and art by Luke Ross (Captain America and the Dark Tower)!" Here's a look at the rather nifty cover by celebrated artist tyler Scout...

Right turn that score off now, loads to watch…

* Ordinarily, tacky tie-ins between movies and fast food corporations are something to avoid. Not so this commercial for Dunkin' Donuts. Very clever.

* When they aren’t reminding us every ten minutes that our computers are riddled with viruses, Norton are making Behind The Scenes featurettes. For some reason. Check it out for glimpses at new footage, concept art, interviews with the actors, filmmakers, and the comic creators themselves...

* For those of you craving just a few more sneak peeks, these three TV spots will scratch that itch. But no more after this, okay? Promise?

* Last but not least... hang on... yeah, 'least' applies. Lastly then, here's the trailer for the truly dire - but strangely compelling - CAPTAIN AMERICA movie from 1990, finally released on DVD July 19th! Yay?

Who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to cast Ricky from Eastenders?!




CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER opens on the 22nd of July in the U.S.A., and one week later on the 29th for the U.K.

See you at the first show!

Share your thoughts on all things CAPTAIN AMERICA in the comments section!

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