Movie News: From MONSTER HOUSE To Haunted House, The POLTERGEIST Remake Has Its Director...

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 07 March 2013

Movie News

…in the form of Gil Kenan! (What do you mean ‘who’s he’?!)

Ok, so the British-born filmmaker might not be familiar to many of you, but Kenan was responsible for one of Starburst’s favourtite CG-animated comedies of the last ten years – the aforementioned MONSTER HOUSE was a pitch perfect ode to such classic ‘80s fare as THE GOONIES, MONSTER SQUAD and, most fittingly of all, POLTERGEIST itself.

Sure, we’re not exactly over the moon that the Tobe Hooper “directed”, Steven Spielberg “produced” 1982 horror classic is being remade, but once Hollywood has made up its mind that audiences are demanding a new version of a film we hold dear, then we might as well will it to fall into the hands of someone with passion for the property.

We’ll have more on POLTERGEIST as it develops. In the meantime, here’s a trailer for MONSTER HOUSE should it have passed you by. If you have kids, get it on DVD/Blu-ray today and scare ‘em silly! If you don't, well just grab it anyway (and at just over two quid for the DVD you really can't pass that up. Trust us, it's ace!) 

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